Do we need entrepreneurs?

February 25, 2016

Entrepreneurs occupy a central position in market economies. For it’s they who kick start the economy’s engine, activating and stimulating all economic activity. Nations’ economic success worldwide is as the direct result of encouraging and rewarding that entrepreneurial instinct.

Yes, entrepreneurs drive economic growth

“Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.”   Ronald Reagan

How many entrepreneurs are there?

“Conservative estimates state that over 400 million people in 54 countries are actively engaged in entrepreneurship- (loosely defined as starting and running new businesses).

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Business Owners and CEOs understand the importance of developing and supporting their key people as a top priority for business growth

February 25, 2016

What do successful leaders say is important with people?

We all know that great people and strong teams are the foundation of business success and growth in Australia and around the world.

Many people arrive with strong technical skills and these can and are taught and honed.  Critically the less tangible skills such as leadership and interpersonal skills require the same investment but with a slightly different approach.

What does leadership development need?

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Competitive Advantage in a Changing Business World?

February 25, 2016

The world continues to change rapidly and we need to keep up

This is especially true in the business environment, where competition is rife.  Therefore it is imperative to embrace change, adapt to the market and take advantage of sound opportunities as often as possible. This is just to stay ahead in the “new normal” i.e. our fast moving and challenging business environments.

Digital evolution is the competition for most businesses

Marketing our goods and services in the digital world will continue to grow and morph at a faster rate,

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The Risks of Recruiting Inappropriate People

February 25, 2016

Does Your Organisation Recruit the Right People

Getting the wrong staff hurts your business

Unfortunately, the majority of large businesses, government departments, SMEs and small businesses continue to suffer the significant loss of time, resources and revenue, from recruiting inappropriate people.

Unless your organisation has dedicated and qualified staff to recruit the right people at all levels, then you risk the same annoying and repeated waste of time, not to mention the lost opportunity performance of getting the right people into the positions.

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Getting the right Business Mentor for you and your business

February 25, 2016

When you need a business mentor you will benefit from the mentoring relationship from the Get Go!

For us, business mentoring starts from a sound personal relationship between you and your business mentor.  Once established you will leverage off your relationship helped by your experienced and knowledgeable mentor.

Your business mentor will guide and develop you, and help you with gaps using their complimentary practical experience and depth of knowledge. When you need to bounce ideas around then your independent mentor is there to work with you and road test these inside your safe,

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The Business Breakfast or Lunch

February 26, 2016

Business meetings were traditionally lunchtime affairs and until the mid 1980’s were exempt from any taxable implications. That all ended in 1986 when business lunches– often lengthy and extravagant – amongst other benefits became contenders for FBT. At the time this caused a furore in Australia. Restranteurs were panic stricken believing their lunchtime trade would disappear and executives quaked at the thought of having to pay for their lunchtime jollies. However, once initiated these fears were short lived and the business lunch continued to be a useful means for entertaining clients or having discussions with peers or other associates out of the office environment.

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Which is better a Self-Help Book or a Business Mentor?

February 26, 2016

So which do you really need a self-help book or a Business Mentor?

I suppose that self-help books are not interactive whereas a well-matched Business Mentor is. Furthermore self-help books do not seek to understand your specific journey, skills, experience, abilities, talents and ambitions.  They cannot take into account that your business environment can change dramatically- markets, customers, operations, your leadership role and responsibilities, and that your business and social context can shift and may be very difficult to navigate.

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Summary of Australian Statutory & Common Law Directors’ Duties 2015

February 25, 2016

A Company is an association of a number of people with a common object. It is owned by Shareholders & managed by Directors. Once created the company is an entity in its own right & has a legal personality to do what a natural person can do. For example, a Company can own property, & sue & be sued in its own right.

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Economic Outlook Discussion late 2014 early 2015

February 26, 2016

Differences in economic conditions between the big advanced economies are widening

US economy

Has recovered strongly in June quarter from its early 2014 weather-related weakness, and business surveys point to a solid moderately paced upturn and will encourage the Fed to progress cautiously toward ending its relatively loose monetary policy.

Eurozone and Japan

The situation is quite different in the Euro-zone and Japan. Although they still point to growth,

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International Business Mentor’s First Quarter 2014 Survey of our Mentoring Clients

February 26, 2016

Current strategic concerns of our mentoring clients

Where to grow our businesses

In a recent survey of our mentoring client much has been discussed on the changing landscape for businesses. In particular the reduction in business growth and jobs. For example, in certain markets of the manufacturing industry and a range of other businesses, this has led many clients to question where their potential future economic growth should be aimed at.

Another area of concern has been the slowdown in many mining sectors,

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