Customers Grow Business: Ignore Your Customers at Your Peril!

February 19, 2020

At International Business Mentors, we are frequently asked to provide business mentors to Business Owners, CEOs and Senior Executives to assist them with strategies for business growth. The nature of the business mentoring depends heavily on the type, size and industry of the business, as well as its specific challenges. Yet one recurring theme is the critical importance of establishing, nurturing and servicing their customers.

Success with attracting, servicing and keeping good customers is a key strategic imperative for all business success.

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Continual Learning Passion Leverages Business Performance

February 4, 2020

To be curious, to have an enquiring mind, to have a passion to improve and develop; this is what ambitious human beings strive for, leading to higher personal fulfilment. This applies to people in both their private and business lives. At International Business Mentors, we are routinely asked to provide suitable business mentors and coaches for business coaching to encourage, support and facilitate ongoing development of business owners, directors, CEOs and Senior Executives.

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Face-to-Face vs. Virtual Meetings

January 24, 2020

“You will never see eye-to-eye if you never meet face-to-face.”

– Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

At International Business Mentors, we tend to strongly agree with Warren Buffet’s quote above, as meeting face-to-face is very important. However, the preferences for and effectiveness of meetings are evolving within the online virtual meeting space platforms. As people start to get used to those virtual environments, which are becoming closer to the experience of physical meetings,

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Business and Sustainability

January 17, 2020

Bush fires rage, sustainability is questioned – is this the Imperative new Norm impacting business?
– Chris and David Cartney

We live in a rapidly changing world. For those of us who are baby boomers, looking back on our childhood seems very remote from that of today. Just about everything has transformed; much of which was important then is not so important now, and vice versa. This is very true for all business,

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Reduce Business Stress with a Business Mentor or Business Coach

January 10, 2020

The right levels of stress can be a good thing, as it can be motivating and drive performance. But too much stress at unhealthy levels will inhibit your business performance and become corrosive to business and personal health. This needs to be managed to increase business performance.

Managing stress is one of the many areas in which a well-matched business mentor or business coach from International Business Mentors can help you. They can help you assess where you are at with your business and identify critical issues and stress impacts.

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The Impact of Change on Business Strategy and the Emerging Roles of Executives

December 2, 2019

The business environment today is fast-moving, and if you are expecting the pace of change to slow, you will be sorely disappointed. The world changes every day: populations are rising, customers demand greater diversity in products and services with greater speed, technology is driving change, and the economy and business markets are rapidly evolving. Business leaders who fail to embrace change and adapt their business strategy and their people can easily fail by remaining out of touch and unable to compete under current and emerging trading conditions.

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Realise Your EQ to Be an Effective Leader

November 25, 2019

As a business owner, CEO or senior executive, you probably have high intelligence or IQ, but to be an excellent and effective leader, you also need to develop and exhibit your Emotional Intelligence or EQ. This is one area in which a well-matched business mentor or business coach from International Business Mentors can help you develop.

Emotional intelligence in leadership was once scoffed at as being soft or weak in the workplace.

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Improve Your Winning Business Pitch with a Business Coach or Mentor

October 18, 2019

You may have excellent products or services and be a long-standing business, or maybe you’re an up and coming start-up, but unless you can reach your customers and sell the benefits, success may elude your business and feed your competition.

Fortunately, a business coach or mentor from International Business Mentors can help you. Our mentors and coaches have successfully run their own businesses and know and understand the importance of delivering a winning pitch.

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The Top Business Coaching & Mentoring Issues Trending in 2019

October 2, 2019

So far in 2019, businesses have faced many challenges with recurring themes, as well as new and unique pressing issues, all of which our business coaching professionals can provide assistance and support for.

At International Business Mentors, our business mentors and coaches come with a wealth of business experience to share with their mentees, helping to improve business performance and success. We can provide a business coach or mentor for any industry sector,

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Unleash Your Creative Business Talents with Business Coaching

September 19, 2019

Tapping into creativity to maximise business potential comes easy to many entrepreneurs, business owners and executives, but sometimes creativity needs a catalyst to help you unlock its potential. One great creativity catalyst is your own business coach or mentor from International Business Mentors. They can help you tap into your creative self and offer suggestions from their experience, allowing you to generate ideas and new insights to help develop your business to achieve further success.

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